Spiritual Growth

Spiritual growth

Spiritual growth has become important to more and more people. Now that our earth is increasingly in vibration increases more and more people are waking up and feeling the need to work on themselves. This is beautiful and, in my view, much needed. However, it is not always easy. It all seems to be hosanna but it certainly also has its difficult sides.

A soul is on earth to experience lessons and redeem karma. As a soul, you may have been reincarnated hundreds or thousands of times. On Earth or on other planets. The earth is seen as a great school. Through our interaction with others, we can gain optimal experience here.

The purpose of a soul is to eventually become some kind of light being. Being a master of yourself who has gone through all the lessons and experiences necessary to achieve this. For which a return to Earth is no longer necessary. So to do this, this soul has passed all its initiation tests, situations in which we are placed by ordinary life experiences. This is about:

– follow your heart

– know what you want

– achieve high vibration

– balancing the masculine and feminine in yourself

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