Besides the fact that AimeBalance wants to design and produce beautiful fashion items, we also want to limit our footprint as much as possible. AimeBalance is an eco-friendly brand, because we have to be careful with our planet and our fellow man!

This is why we work exclusively with BSCI-certified factories, located in Italy and the Far East. This is how we guarantee fair working conditions and sustainable materials.
Our manufacturers are important to us and we set high standards for them, so that together we can realize beautiful collections and items in an honest manner. Furthermore, our purchasing and stock system is set up in such a way that we keep minimal stocks of seasonal items.
We are on top of the trends of the season, but also provide beautiful basics. This way we guarantee that we keep up with the trends, we are sure that the seasonal items will be worn and we also provide perfect basic clothing to combine it with. Our sports and travel fabrics are of high quality, which means that our clothing lasts a very long time.
In addition, the items are easy to maintain, which saves drying and ironing. You can also do your bit to extend the durability of an item. View our maintenance and washing tips, this makes your clothes more sustainable and gives you extra long pleasure from your items! 


Together we Aime higher!