About us

Of course we are very proud of our items. But we are also very proud of who AimeBalance is and what we stand for! Aīme Balance is an eco friendly womens fashion label that combines the 2 strengths; fashion and comfort. A Dutch based company, found in Rotterdam.

"A  determined fashionista & dreamer"

It's a creation by Kimberley Chantal, a  determined fashionista & dreamer with more than 10 years of experience in the field of production and design in the fashion industry. After traveling to the Far east several times a year, for multiple big brands, the dream was created to start her own fashion brand.


She started with Activewear that moves with you everywhere you go. Also the Aime Active Collection is perfect to go to the gym, but with some fashion items your outfit will turn into a streetstyle fashionably outfit in just a sec!

"From the gym-outfit to a streetstyle fashionista in just one sec!"

Created to serve a new generation of women who feels a champion everyday with ease in style. To give you even more ease in the fast world we live in. And provide you mix&match items to fit in any occasion of your everyday life. Designed for women with an active lifestyle who will be supported in the journey of discovering their own self and creating your best version. 

"Effortlessly the word "Aime Balance" was created where the clothes are designed to support women to aim higher in every activity."

Effortlessly the word "Aime Balance" was created where the clothes are designed to support women to aim higher in every activity. Bringing full support in finding the right balance between work and working out while wearing comfortable clothes.  Besides that we want to give the ease of change from active to daywear. A true fusion of Comfy & Function. 


At the end of 2021, Kimberley made her dream come true; she launched an eco-friendly travelwear label, Aime Atelier on the Dutch market. By looking closely and listening to the demand from the market, she quickly understood what needs there were among contemporary women; minimum maintenance, maximum comfort and a fashionable, feminine touch. And so the wash-dry-wear concept was born. Wrinkle-free wear, wash in the evening and ready to wear the next morning!

"Aime Atelier: Minimum maintenance, maximum comfort and a fashionable, feminine touch."

This concept became a hit and our items are now available at more than 200 retailers. Check the stores here. What makes our clothing so unique? We bring fashion, quality and comfort together. We design for every woman who wants to feel comfortable and confident and also want to look fashionable, without taking time. Because as a woman we already have enough balls to keep up. We deliver the perfect outfit for every occasion with a strong combination of comfy, function & fashion!

" Now available at more than 200 retailers. "

But we aim higher! AimeBalance wouldn't be AimeBalance if we didn't keep Aiming for more! To even more comfort and even more beautiful fashion. But also to even more sustainability, because how our clothing is produced and what footprint this leaves behind is also very important to us. You can find more information about this at Sustainability. With our entire team, we continue to do our utmost to surprise every woman with our items.

You happy, we happy!

The AimeBalance team

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